Swimming Lesson Policies & Procedures.

Class Schedules: We offer weekday and weekend sessions which can vary in length. Weekday schedules are two weeks long for a total of 8 lessons. Weekend schedules can vary between 2 to 3 weekends for a total of 4 or 6 lessons. Please review your receipt that was emailed to you and you can also login for a copy of your receipt.

Please arrive on time for your lesson. We will do our best to accommodate as many residents as we can and we need your help making sure lessons start and end on time.

What to Bring: Bathing suit, towel, Goggles if needed, Water Bottle, Water Diaper if needed

Group Swim Lessons: Please keep in mind that each group lesson is geared to assist all participants of similar swim capabilities and provide each one a safe and learning atmosphere. Our group lessons are geared to help participants better themselves in the water, whether it is being more comfortable and/or improving their swim strokes, while also teaching safe water practices. If an instructor sees a participant is not suited for the currently enrolled group lesson (comfortability in the water, swimming capabilities, age of participant, etc.) the instructor may move them to a higher or lower group lesson. The instructor has final say in which level and/or group the participant should go, all based on the skills and experience of each participant. If this is to occur, the instructor will inform the Pool Manager of CHS, which then the parent will be notified.

Late/Absence Policy: You are responsible for being on time to all lessons. If the participant is late, the instructor(s) will not schedule a make-up lesson. The same goes for lessons that are missed entirely. Group lessons will always start at the designated lesson time unless weather interferes. Participants that are late may join their designated lesson, but will only be given up to the allotted time. If none of the participants arrive within 15 minutes after the start time for the lesson, the instructor has the right to cancel that lesson for the day. Lessons will not be made-up or refunded for tardiness or absence.

Make-Up Policy: There are no make-up lessons available for group lessons. If a lesson occurs and it is running more than half the scheduled time but called short due to weather and/or other reasons, that lesson will count. If the lesson is canceled due to weather and/or other unforeseen circumstances and it was less than half the scheduled time, you will be credited back for the 1 missed lesson. No individual make-up lessons will be allowed. No make-up lessons will be provided to individual students who miss time due to illness. Our instructors are not allowed to conduct make-up swim lessons at home residences due to personal safety and liability concerns.

Cancelled Lesson Policy: If an individual class has to be canceled due to unforeseeable circumstances by the Christopher High school Aquatics Center, everything will be done to make up the class at a later date, but make-up lessons are not guaranteed. Please see our make-up lesson policy.

Refund Policy: No refunds will be processed for unexcused absences during a session or once a session starts. This also includes lessons forfeited due to extreme tardiness. An excused absence is defined as: Severe illness with a doctor’s note provided or an  Untimely death in the family. A total refund can be assessed if a session is canceled in its entirety by Christoper High School Aquatics Center or a refund is requested prior to the start of the session. Cancellations must be made at least one week (7 Days) prior to the start of the session in order to allow other families to register for an otherwise filled spot. Once a session starts no refunds will be given. In the unfortunate event a student misses a substantial number of swim lessons (more than 50%) due to illness, the Pool Manager of CHS will need to review to determine what may be done. If you wish to cancel your swim lesson registration and you are doing so with more than 1 weeks (7 Days) notice of the start date, please contact the front office or send an us an email. 

Inclement Weather Policy: Swim lessons will be canceled in the event there is an inclement weather warning. An inclement weather warning is defined as: If lightning is observed or thunder is heard by any Aquatics staff member. It is raining so much that the bottom of the pool cannot be seen Be aware we will open if it rains, but if it is severe rain that we cannot see the bottom of the pool then the pool will be temporarily closed until the bottom can be seen. It is The Swimming Swan’s policy that all patrons must clear the pool and deck for any of these warnings. The weather will be observed for 30 minutes before further action is taken. If after 30 minutes, the weather has cleared, staff will resume operations and patrons will be allowed back into the pools. If the weather does not clear, Management will determine if the pool will be closed for the remainder of the day. Swim lessons will resume once the aquatics staff gives the OKAY. Every effort will be made to contact parents if it is suspected that your swim lesson will be canceled for the day.

Adaptive Aquatics: We do our best to provide the optimal learning environment and experience for everyone taking our courses. If any participant has any condition and/or accommodation needed for any disability, please ensure to tell the front desk and/or management before/during your registration. We wish to ensure we are doing everything in our power to help you during swim lessons, but we need to be made aware beforehand to properly prepare. Any medical conditions that may affect the participant during the lesson should also be informed at registration and to the instructors to ensure the safety of all participants within the lesson.

Parents on Deck during Swim Lessons: Parents may not leave the pool deck during the swim lessons. They must be available to take a child to the bathroom if the child needs to go during a lesson as swim instructors and lifeguards cannot leave the other youth in order to take them. Parents are asked to stay in the picnic table area during swim lessons to ensure all children are engaged with the lesson. If an instructor asks you to be closer, that is fine but no parent can be on the edge of the pool once lessons start.

Evaluations and Feedback of Swimming Swan Staff: If you feel a swim instructor, lifeguard or other Swimming Swan staff member does not provide a sufficient level of customer service, please contact our Management Team at 844-The-Swan (844-843-7926) or Email: Melissa@theswimmingswan.com. If in the event you’d like to speak to the on-site pool manager, we ask that you find an appropriate time so that lessons and other aquatic programming are not interrupted. All participants and parent or guardians of participants will be given the opportunity to fill out an evaluation form at the completion of the session as well.