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Facility FAQ's

What are the operating hours of the Aquatics Facility?
Where is Christoper High School Aquatics Center located?
Whats the temperature of the water?
How old does my child need to be in order to swim at the pool without adult supervision?
Are there life jackets available for non-swimmers?
Does the Aquatics Facility have bathrooms and hot showers?
Can young children swim for free?
ADA Accessibility
Service Animals
How can we pay for items at the Facility?


What's included in our membership?
Can I reserve my own lane for lap swimming as part of my membership?
We have the family summer pass, can I drop my kids off and not swim with them for the day?
Can I switch from the monthly membership to the summer membership?
Monthly Membership Fees and On-going Payments
Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?
Are there senior 55+ discount membership rates available?
I have guests visiting and are they permitted to use the pool under my membership pass?
How many family members are permitted in the monthly and/or summer family pass?
Can I purchase a monthly pass well in advance of when I intend on my membership starting?

Swimming Lesson FAQ's

Required Swimming Lesson Assessments prior to Registering
How early are we permitted on the pool deck before swim lessons begin?
What do I bring to swim lessons?
Whats appropriate bathing suit attire?
Can my child stay in the pool after their lessons are over?
Does my child need to pass a class before they can advance into the next level?
Group Swim Lessons
What is the Late/Absence Policy?
What is the Make-Up Policy?
What is the policy for cancelled classes?
What is the Refund Policy?
Inclement Weather Policy
Adaptive Aquatics
Parents on Deck during Swim Lessons
Evaluations and Feedback of Swimming Swan Staff
Private Swimming Lessons Cancellation Policy

Aqua Fitness FAQ's

I have arthritis, is this class okay for me?
I missed a class that I registered and paid for, can I take another class free of charge?

Pool Party Rentals FAQ's

What time can I arrive to set up the party? What time do we need to leave?
Who do I check-in with when I arrive to set-up my party?
What’s included with our pool party space rental?
Can we have more than 40 people enter CHS Aquatics Center?
Some of the kids in attendance for the party are young and great swimmers, can they ride the slides/diving boards?
Can we bring in food and cake?
What are not allowed to bring to CHS Aquatics Center for our pool party rental?

Bitty Jr. Lifeguards & Junior Lifeguards FAQ's

How old must my child be to participate in the Jr. Lifeguard Course? Bitty Lifeguard Course?
Does my child need to know how to swim?
What happens if my child does not pass the pre course requirements?
How long is the Junior Lifeguard Program?
How long is the Bitty Junior Lifeguard Program?
What does my child need to bring to class?
Will my child be certified as lifeguard at the end of the session?
If my child misses a class, will there be make up dates?
Can my child volunteer at CHS Aquatics Center if they are apart of the Junior Lifeguard Program?

Red Cross Certification Courses FAQ's

Certification Requirements
Course Manuals
What to Bring to Class
Refunds and Other Policies


How old do I need to be to work at CHS Aquatics Center?
Do I need to have my lifeguard certification in order to apply?
Do all lifeguards need to teach swim lessons?

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