CHS Pool Information and Rules

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All patrons must comply with the pool rules. While we hope every patron has a memorable and enjoyable experience at the pool, safety and prevention are the number one priority of The Swimming Swan at Christopher High School Aquatics Center and thus all rules will be enforced. 

General Rules 


  • All persons entering the facility, swimmers and non-swimmers, must pay admission (children under 2 years old are free).
  • Children under the age of 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter CHS Aquatics Center. 
  • All bags and personal belongings are subject to search upon entering the facility for your safety.
  • All swim attire must be checked at the ticket counter upon entering the facility
  • Glass bottles/containers are not permitted.  All containers need to be plastic or aluminum.
  • Outside food or drinks are permitted inside the facility as long as the food is properly stored in containers such as lunch boxes or ice-coolers no longer than 16” in width.  
  • The eating and drinking of food and drinks must be contained to the designated food areas.
  • Pop up tents/canopies, umbrellas or personal barbeques are NOT permitted in the facility.
  • No rain checks.


Rest Break Policy: Staff will clear the play pool and competition pool at 1:00pm and 3:00pm for 10 minutes. Swimmers under the age of 18 must exit the pool during this time and will be encouraged to use the restroom and re-apply sunscreen. The reason we are implementing a rest break policy is because statistics show that facilities who have implemented these policies have less accidental fecal releases and less tired swimmer rescues than those that do not use rest breaks.


Aquatic Facility and Pool Rules

  1. For your safety, ALWAYS obey the pool rules and follow the directions of Lifeguards and Aquatics staff at all times. The Aquatics Staff has the authority to enforce all rules for your safety. Failure to obey staff or safety rules may result in expulsion from the facility.
  2. General admittance is by current Monthly Pass, Summer Pool Pass or daily drop-in fee. Children under  age 2 are free.
  3. Children 10 years old and younger must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or older while in the facility.  
  4. Children 6 years old and younger and those persons with disabilities who cannot manage for themselves must be under the immediate supervision of a responsible person aged 16 or older while in any pool or water feature. There is a maximum of two (2) non-swimmers under 6 years old to one (1) adult, parent/guardian or responsible person aged 16 or older.
  5. Persons showing disrespect to others, unruly behavior, or use of inappropriate language will be asked to leave the facility.
  6. All swimmers must shower before entering the pools. 
  7. No running on the pool deck or other paved areas of the facility.
  8. No dunking, riding or standing on shoulders, rough play or throwing objects permitted in or around the pool.
  9. No diving or jumping from the sides of the pool. Use the designated areas.
  10.  Swimmers must wear proper swimwear. Cut-off jeans, shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, undergarments, and or T-shirts are prohibited. Swim wear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are not permitted. 
  11. Infants and children 3 years and under must wear a swim diaper AND a bathing suit or        re-usable plastic diaper cover at all times while in any of the pools. 
  12. This is a smoke, tobacco and alcohol free facility. 
  14. Portable radios, CD players and other electronic devices may only be used with headphones.
  15. Floating objects are NOT permitted in the water including water wings and inflatable toys. Coast Guard approved life jackets are permitted in the Activity Pool only. 
  16. Animals are not permitted in the facility with the exception of seeing-eye or guide dogs.
  17. Inappropriate touching or other public displays of affection are not permitted.
  18. Please have fun, use the facility safely and at your own risk.


Pool rules are subject to change, with or without notice.


Swim Tests

Swim tests will be administered for children under 13 years old to swim in the green banded areas of the pool (competition pool). All patrons passing the swim test will be given a green band.

The swim test consists of swimming 25 yards with your face in the water without stopping or putting your feet down to touch the bottom of the pool (you may lift your head to breathe or use side breathing but may not stop to take a breath). 

Patrons ages 13 years and older may be asked to take the swim test if they appear to be struggling. For their safety, if they are unable to pass the swim test, they will not be able to swim in the green-banded area. If someone is unwilling to take a swim test, they will not be able to swim in the green-banded areas.

Swan Aquatics Staff Members have the authority to retest anyone with a green wristband who appears to be struggling and may remove their wristband if they are unable to pass the swim test when retested.

Green Wrist Band 

Swimming Equipment

Please ensure you return any borrowed equipment after use.

  • Kick boards: Kick boards can be used to build leg strength and add variety to your lap swimming.  Please be considerate of others not desiring to swim at a slow pace in the same lane.  
  • Pull Buoys: A pull buoy or leg float is a figure-eight shaped piece of foam used in swim workouts. Swimmers place the buoy between the legs (between their thighs or their ankles) to provide support to the body without kicking the legs; this allows the swimmer to focus on training only their arms and developing both endurance and upper body strength.

Snack Shack

Snacks, popsicles, sunscreen, swim diapers and water are for sale in the Snack Shack at Christopher High School Aquatics Center. Cash or Card is accepted, there are no on-going tabs allowed. 


Appropriate Swimming Attire


Appropriate bathing suit attire must be worn in the swimming pools at all times. Lifeguards will enforce these rules and address any person not in compliance with this attire. 


These suits are acceptable:

Appropriate Swim Attire

Not allowed in the pool are cover-ups, tank tops, t-shirts, cut-off shorts, basketball shorts, etc. Here are some examples of clothes not allowed in the pool:

Inappropriate Swim Attire