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Bitty Lifeguards (Ages 8-10)

The Itty Bitty Lifeguard Camp is to provide a safe and fun environment for kids ages 8 to 10 years old. The camp will involve stroke development, introduction of basic rescue assists from the pool deck, and games. Our camp leaders will also discuss water safety tips at the beginning of each day. Snack breaks will be provided each day.


June 28th – 30th (W/TH/F) 9 am to 12 pm 

Price: $125 per Session

Course Details

Daily Itinerary: 
Orientation and Pre-Course Session
Policies for Parents
Policies for Participants

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must my child be to participate in the Itty Bitty Lifeguard Camp?
Does my child need to know how to swim?
How long is each session?
What does my child need to bring to class?
If my child misses a class, will there be make up dates?


Participants must be comfortable in chest deep water

Able to swim 15 yards of front crawl (freestyle), back crawl (backstroke) and breaststroke

Demonstrate Rotary Breathing while swimming front crawl (side breathing)


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